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Wardrobe Scents

Wardrobe Scents Sachet

Wardrobe Scents Sachet

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Natural Indoor moth deterrent made from 100% Australian Botanicals.

An effective natural guard to help protect against wardrobe moths, carpet moths and pantry moths, extend the life of your clothes and protect garments from moths without a chemical in sight.

  • Effective for 18 - 24 months or more
  • Resonate with quality-conscious, eco-friendly consumers.
  • Ideal for bookcases, cupboards, closets, wardrobes and pantries.
  • Used by the National Wool Museum, Flagstaff Hill Maritime Museum, Loreto
  • Australia, Historical Societies and School Archives
  • Protect and naturally refresh indoor storage, pantries and workspaces.
  • Preserve textiles, organics and edibles with 100% Australian-grown botanicals not currently listed as an endangered or protected species.
  • 100% FREE from plastic, fillers, waxes, added essences or preservatives.
  • NO Naphthalene, Para- dichlorobenzene, Nicotine, Pyrethrum
  • NO Rotenine, Bifenthrin and Fluorinated Chemicals.

🪴Committed to fostering a sustainable world🪴


100% Australian Botanicals

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